Terms of use

When signing up for a free account at this website, you accept the following terms of use:

  1. The service is delivered from Glud & Marstrand, Hedenstedvej 14, DK-8723 Loesning, Denmark. in cooperation with TurnAvisual ApS, Aabogade 15, DK-8200 Aarhus N, Denmark (hereafter called the service suppliers).
  2. When you (hereafter called the user) are signing up for this free service, you receive a non-exclusive right to use all features provided on the website.
  3. Designs uploaded to the website and the finished 3D files, will be stored at the website for 10 days, and will then be deleted.
  4. All rights to designs uploaded to the service belongs to the user (or original owners / creators). The service suppliers will not share or use any designs for any purpose unless it is specifically agreed with the user.
  5. When signing up to this service, you accept to receive emails regarding this service.
  6. All content of the Service, except the designs uploaded by the user, but including text, software, sound, photos, graphics, images, video, page layout and design as well as any other material, are protected by the Danish Copyright Act and other legislation concerning intellectual property rights and are owned by the service suppliers.
  7. The service suppliers aim to have an up-time of the Service of 99.9%; however, no guarantees are given in this regard. In no case shall the service suppliers assume any liability for full or partial inaccessibility or breakdown of the Service.
  8. The service suppliers shall not be liable to the user, the user’s associates or any other person for indirect, specific or punitively based consequential losses or damage (including operating loss, loss of expected profit, loss as a result of operating stoppage or increased operating costs, covering costs or any other indirect loss or damage) of any type, regardless of their reason, even if the service suppliers has been informed of the risk of such loss or damage.
  9. This agreement is governed by and shall be construed in accordance with Danish law and any disagreement about matters covered by these Terms shall be dealt with in accordance with the general rules of Danish law, the Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) excepted.
  10. All disputes on which the parties fail to agree shall be settled by a Danish court of law at TurnAvisual’s venue.

Pricing and change of terms

It is completely free to use this service. However, the service suppliers can change the price and terms of use at any time, without any notice. In case of changes in the prices or terms of use, alle registered users will be informed by email, and will have the possibility to cancel their account if they cannot accept the new terms.

Cancelling of your account

You can cancel your account at any time, without any notice and without any cost, by sending an e-mail to from the email address connected to your account.